Junior Tennis progam

Intermediate Tennis

  • Reviewing Tennis Principles
  • Advancing Forehand Skills
  • Enhancing Backhand Techniques
  • Improving Serve Performance
  • Introduction to Volleys
  • Introduction to Overheads
  • Engaging in Match Play
  • Introduction to Tie Breakers
  • Introduction to No-Ad Scoring

Advanced Tennis

  • Reviewing Tennis Principles and Preparation
  • Conditioning for Competitive Play
  • Perfecting Forehand with Top Spin and Slice
  • Mastering Backhand with Top Spin and Slice
  • Developing a Spin Serve
  • Precision in Volley and Overhead Placement
  • Defensive Lobs Strategies
  • Advancing Serve and Volley Techniques
  • Formulating Winning Strategies
  • Engaging in Advanced Match Play